Automated content monitoring & curation

Save time in your monitoring by automatically aggregating the best content

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Automated monitoring

A unique technology to save time

Connect your favorite sources

Plug your favorite content sources into your mapping so you never miss anything. Sociallymap will automatically retrieve the content and bring it back to your library.

Artificial Intelligence

Raise an Artificial Intelligence robot to monitor a specific theme. The AI will surface the most relevant articles found on the web. Discover new sources, leverage more qualitative articles.

Visualize your content

All of your content is aggregated in your Library. Classify your content, delete or add them manually. Keep your monitoring to yourself, or share it.

Mapping, in the background

Running in the background, the mapping aggregates your content, sorts and classifies it automatically, to send you only the most relevant articles. Once the mapping is done (by you or by us), you save yourself these tedious and time-consuming tasks and concentrate on reading and, if needed, validating the content.

Depending on your strategy, the mapping will also allow you to setup collaborative monitoring processes, or to delegate certain monitoring themes to your experts, before aggregating all the themes.

Your Library

The Library is your daily monitoring interface. On this screen, you can view all the aggregated articles, classified by categories. Receive automatic alerts when new content is available and stay up-to-date with the latest news in your sector. A content does not interest you? Delete it. A content seems relevant to you? Validate it.

Go for a collaborative monitoring by connecting several successive libraries to your mapping. You will then only receive articles validated by your experts, who are in charge of certain themes.

No credit card required

Automated curation

Share your monitoring, to the right recipients

Share on your blog

Publish your monitoring in a specific category of your site or blog in addition to your traditional articles, to attract qualified traffic. Select articles to share from your library and let Sociallymap publish in the right format, at the right frequency.

Share via a newsletter

Share your monitoring in a dedicated newsletter. You choose from your library which articles should be included in the emails. The email creation as well as the sending of emails are automated, at the right frequency.

Share on your social networks

Publish your monitored articles on your social network pages: Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. You choose the articles you want to share, Sociallymap takes care of publishing them at the right time, in the right format, on the right networks.

Success management

Our teams are here to assist you

Dedicated project manager

We provide you with a dedicated project manager, who will assist you throughout your project: briefing, consulting, strategy deployment, research of monitoring sources, mapping setup monitoring, reporting.

Your dedicated contact is present throughout the life of your monitoring or curation project to make your strategy a success.

In Full Autonomy

Feeling comfortable with platforms or feeling like having 100% control of the platform? Our software can be used in full autonomy. We remain available to answer your questions by email, and provide you with our help tools: tutorials, video, discussion forum.

Our discussion forum will also allow you to exchange with other members.

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