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Frequent automation rules thanks to Sociallymap 

Sharing on social networks

Automatically and qualitatively feed your pages and profiles with your company’s official content: job offers, news, events…
Focus on writing, Sociallymap takes care of the rest.


Automated Newsletter

Automate your newsletter creation process with the most relevant content. Select the content, and Sociallymap will integrate them in your newsletter and send the emails at the right time, to the right people.

Automate a blog feed

Publish a qualitative monitoring digest in a dedicated section of your blog.
Sociallymap allows you to acquire traffic with a powerful curation, very easily.

AI, Monitoring and Curation

Thanks to its artificial intelligence brick, Sociallymap enables you to aggregate several thousand sources, filter, classify, and deliver only the relevant content for your monitoring or content curation.


Employee Advocacy

Stream your content to individuals for automated or manual sharing on social networks.

SociallyUp, based on the Sociallymap technology, allows you to set up Ambassador strategies that resonate with your audiences.

Franchises and networks

Standardize communication across your network by broadcasting ready-to-use content.

Streamline content management by using automated publishing, or by offering the option to moderate content locally.


Publish several hundred pieces of content every day, in the right place, at the right time, and in the right format.

The power of Sociallymap allows you to manage a large volume of content, and manage it finely according to multiple criteria.

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